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  1. He’s seen sporting turtleneck sweaters – which he tucked into his pants – baggy trousers,
    plaid sweater vests, and oversized fits. Lydia, who
    was played by Lisa Jakub, wore issues like an extra-giant sweater vest – which she was virtually drowning in – a floral gown with a jarringly
    completely different-wanting cardigan, and an embellished vest over a
    collared white shirt, whereas Chris, portrayed by Matthew Lawrence, was seen in a sequence
    of eye-popping button down shirts and baggy tees.
    The characters rocked things like camo tops, embroidered coats,
    geometric-print button-downs, vests, knee-excessive lace-up boots, multiple layers with classing patterns, and cargo pants.
    A few of the twins’ outfits all through the movie embrace a chinoiserie dress, a high-wasted pencil skirt, a knee-length, pink pea coat, a bomber jacket, a plaid shirt and skirt combo,
    and a matching blue pants suit, which they paired with equipment like headbands, sunglasses, and neck ties – all in style types
    all through the ’90s however aren’t typically seen on 11-yr-olds

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    lights were utilized in a non-emergency state of affairs. Their
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